About Me ~

A demons lair

I'm Etheri

Some may see me clearly for the demonic entity I am others might just see quite a devious kinky woman who loves the power of words.
No matter what brought you here or how you choose to know me my purpose here is to create little hypnotic pieces.
Ones to allow you to just fade from reality in to a new one for a while.
Sometimes I take something in return though for I am a demon after all.
So just beware of the content tags and try to read over the descriptions a bit and I'm sure you me and your subconscious will get along just fine.

Worlds series

In a wonderful little ongoing project I have a file series I have dubbed "Worlds Series". It's little instalments that build upon the introduction file Shaping of a world. If you want to be part of that then I suggest you start there.

Live Read

Live read are recordings of me either reading a script of creating little improvised sessions for your enjoyment. They will likely not be part of the Worlds but they can be fun little nibbles that allow me to nibble away at your mind for a while.